Fortune Finds - Adventure in Style

This past weekend, my oldest, dearest and very talented friends, Lizzie Fortunato Jewels launched their Lifestyle line - Fortune Finds - curated home goods to compliment their beautiful jewelry from all over the world, like Moroccan rugs, Japanese tea sets and Turkish towels - basically creating the platform for the perfect woman who adventures in style.

They kindly asked me to design the space. We started with an empty white studio in Soho and with the help of Patina Rentals' gorgeous furniture, everything came together. Big thank yous to Patrick Dougherty for the beautiful black and white photography, Fox Fodder Farm for the flowers and awesome coconut sprout, Scott Goodman for the vinyl decal work & to Jenny from The Sporting Project & Austin for putting together all the food and beverage - everything looked and tasted delicious. Quite a beautiful team effort.

 thanks to David X. Prutting at  BFA  and  Jason Ross Savage  for the gorgeous event photos

thanks to David X. Prutting at BFA and Jason Ross Savage for the gorgeous event photos

A HOTEL LIFE in Puglia, Italy

Always a pleasure to be included in my dear friend's amazing hotel website - A Hotel Life. Here is my post from our September trip to Puglia, Italy, staying at the gorgeous Masseria Torre Maizza. From 1000 year old olive trees to salty sunny beach clubs, we fell in love with the area & hotel. Thank you to Charlie and Annie for showing us your beautiful Puglia... Perhaps my favorite place in Italy yet.

click on the photo above to go through the photos & see the full hotel review here

A Ride In The Country - a cross-country bike adventure riding for food justice!

Now this I hold very dear to my heart as these adventures inspire my designs tremendously.

From June to August this summer, I rode my bike from Colorado to Oregon - part of the bigger cross-country coast to coast ride known as A Ride In The Country. The ride was lead by my brother Pat, who took the photos and my fiance Ben, who wrote about the state of food throughout America for the NY Times. We rode for the wonderful charity Just Food, who are working hard to bring fresh food to poorer NYC communities and even teach school children how to cook it. While we could not always find fresh food, we certainly found enough pancakes and beef jerky to carry us 70-90 miles each day. We camped each night and met some very memorable folks along the way. There is no better way to see a place than by bike. Have a look at the site for all Pat's photos, and my little videos. Here are a few snaps from my bike...

SID LEE office decoration

This past November, we decorated the NYC office of the advertising agency Sid Lee. The talented photographer Paul Barbera behind Where They Create, a beautiful site of artists' environments, featured the offices recently on the site. What an honor all around - Sid Lee is a massive advertising agency originally out of Canada, who has just opened their NYC offices, and has won Top Agency of the Year 4 times in a row in Canada. Here are a few snaps pulled below of the project - which started with a raw massive loft space in Tribeca... (click on the image to go to the next)

Charleston, SC - A long overdue Welcome

It was time to move. We're loving our new home of Charleston - it is just close enough to our NYC responsibilities & just far enough that you feel in a different world. It is a very exciting time for this city and we are very pleased to be a part of it. How nice to be discovering something new everyday, I've even taken up surfing & gardening! Thank you Charleston, for your lovely pace, for your crazy beautiful trees & most recently, for your shelter from the Polar Vortex. Here are a few snaps of the past 4 months here.


Also had to include a few highlights of our new home, built by the very inspiring boys behind Urban-Ergonomics, which I discovered after reading this article in the NYTimes. They've made it very easy to decorate - Never have I seen such a respect for materials & detailed eye in a rental... or had this much space in my life. I feel so grown up.

  I've never been to India, so I thought I'd make our shower into an Indian Raj tent.

I've never been to India, so I thought I'd make our shower into an Indian Raj tent.

Garance Dore X Kate Dougherty Designs

Last week, the lovely Garance Dore asked me to work with her to promote her illustrations. Originally just shot on brick walls, the art pieces needed little worlds to live in, to show off their beauty & overall decor potential. Each one is cuter than the next, I wanted them all by the end of the shoot. Buy a few prints & See her post on our collaboration here - for finished shots of the set-ups go to my site. Merci beaucoup Garance and the wonderful ladies + Erik in the office! And 2 more big Thank Yous to Daphne of Ten Undies for letting us use her adorable apartment to shoot & to my very talented twin friends of Lizzie Fortunato Jewels for dressing me up with that stellar necklace - just all around beautiful teamwork.


Last weekend, we did a shoot that was entirely for the love of a beautiful Polaroid photo & a clever set - also to give Family Band a little kick start for the summer! Paddy & Mike have been wanting to create a set with a trampoline for as long as I can remember, so we did it... and bought space suits  & moon rocks too. With the kindness of the Gowanus Studio Space, we had a perfect high ceiling venue for a perfect rainy Saturday - whata day it was. Stay tuned for more events this summer.

 Visit our website & see more photos  HERE

Visit our website & see more photos HERE

 Join the Family on Instagram:  @familybandnyc

Join the Family on Instagram:  @familybandnyc

The Marrakech Express

Last week, I traveled to Morocco for my great friends' wedding & to shop in those famous Medinas for work. I fell in love with the country - the colors, the patterns, the people & that lovely mint tea. I didn't stop - in just 8 days, I flew into Casablanca, trained to Marrakech, road-tripped to the desert, fixed a flat tire, horse & carriaged through the town, walked through three famous medinas, and finally jumped on a donkey to the wedding reception. When my adventure had come to an end, I flew back to NYC with 3 rugs, 1 wooden trunk, 3 full dining sets of pottery, and a little pair of rattan shoes. Yes, I will be returning.


The details in the design were completely inspiring; there was a beautiful balance between Mediterranean & African style. I was lucky enough to sleep in some unique hotels (like Villa Maroc in Essaouira) and see so many areas in just a few days. Shopping there was both stressful & rewarding; I haggled with the best of them & was shown rugs over courtyard banisters. The tiles were as vibrant as I imagined & the carpets so carefully stitched. See a few shots below of some stunning hotel details.


cover of D CASA

Thank you to the Italian Interior Design magazine D CASA , for the March story & cover. Unfortunately I cannot read the entire article, but from what I can make out, it's wonderful - I should have paid better attention in Italian class, I suppose. It was a beautiful day shooting in the apartment - All photography thank you to the very talented Francesco Lagnese


Spinneybeck leather pulls

The closets were installed today in my Chinatown job - very happy with how the leather handles came out, they really finish his closet build out nicely. Had to recommend them - Thank you Spinneybeck


And here's a little sneak peak at the living room - still waiting on a few things but coming right along! Such beautiful natural light. Will be sharing the completed place by the end of the month. 


A day in the life

Currently, I'm decorating an apartment in Chinatown for a Brazilian client with great taste. Here are a few snaps from last weeks shopping adventures - note my amazingly strong assistant.


The Polar Film Festival at The Explorers Club

I had one of the most inspirational days this November at The Explorers Club up on 70th & Park Avenue. I was given a tip about this place from a friend in England, it was wonderful. I went for the Polar Film Festival. I met some inspiring fellow explorers and saw one of the most unforgettable documentaries I've ever seen - Chasing Ice. To anyone that has not yet seen it, I highly recommend it. It will change the way you look at so many things.