The Family Band Traveling Photo Booth - Bullett Magazine party

For Bullett Magazine's 1 year anniversary party, Silkstone hired The Family Band again for our famous traveling family photo booth. This time our theme was magical wilderness! So I ran to the flower district again for butterflies, birds, nests, feathers & lots of flowers to make headdresses... For the boys props, I wanted rifles, coonskin caps & lots of skins. I wanted the guests to feel like they were stepping up into an old school tree house - so I grabbed a massive tree trunk & lots of branches. I hung vintage lanterns with candles, a birdcage with birds and set up a little wooden table & chair. Paddy manned the polaroid camera and captured the night beautifully... what an evening we had.   

Here's a shot emailed to me the next day by a very hilarious guest

And a shot from the very end of the night, loved these guys so much.

With the genius work of Brenton Wolf, the beautiful venue Angel Orensanz on Norfolk street was transformed into an enchanted forest complete with trees, large vines and an entire bar covered in moss. Watch this cool little video Silkstone did of all of us setting up...

And one of my favorite shots of the set up - my good friend and amazing fabricator, Joey Lasagna

Sometimes the shopping / set up process of a job is just as fun. Here are a few shots of my adventures in the flower district - those succulents are fake! And so is the moss. Oh man, that wall of ribbons was a tough one.