Moonrise Kingdom International Poster Decoration - A Shotgun Post

Seeing as our movie comes out tomorrow, no more posting procrastinating, shot gun post!

Adam Stockhausen, Moonrise Kingdom's designer, called me in early February and asked me to dress the set for the international poster. After a few days of collecting all of the props and various set pieces, we were ready to shoot at Milk! I spray painted that grass with yellow paint to give it that neon green look and went through about 17 lettering options for that held felt sign. Love how it came out!

We had quite a fun day... Fran is the sweetest, and Bill will crack you up all day. Also, that dog was crazy impressive. Here are a few shots from set.

There are quite a few MK posters going around (heres where you can buy em) These two are my favorites...


Also, I was sent this by a friend the other day... forgot we had shot this. What a hilarious night on set, that's me at 2:16.

Hope you all enjoy the film!

p.s. After this holiday weekend, I plan to fully update from the past 4 months. Expect a Family Band photo booth for BBC, Rainbow Rooms for  Judy Garland, restaurant openings & redesign projects and a trip to Patagonia! It's been an amazing year so far xx