FRANCE - Paris & Guethary

This past September, I was hired to make another video for my friends at The Sporting Project. They had finally made their move out to Paris, so I followed them along for a good week capturing their first pop-up restaurant venture with The Fat Radish, which was done in Bob's Kitchen in the Marais district. What a magical week it was, and beautiful collaborations. The Sporting Project also flew out The Family Band as entertainment on the street outside the pop-up. It got pretty wild, you can see the Paris photos on our site. 

What a successful week it was - the video will be up soon!


After Paris, Benj and I decided to go to the southwest of France - a place Benj has told me about for years. He briefly went to school there as a young lad and has always wanted to return to. After quite an adventure, we discovered the tiny Basque town of Guethary, 10 miles from Biarritz. We found a beautiful little abode on the beach (owned by our new friends Cedric & Ai Behr) and spent the next week in total bliss - surf out our front door, beautiful Pyrenees hikes 30 minutes away, and fresh fish at our local favorite Cafe Madrid.