The Marrakech Express

Last week, I traveled to Morocco for my great friends' wedding & to shop in those famous Medinas for work. I fell in love with the country - the colors, the patterns, the people & that lovely mint tea. I didn't stop - in just 8 days, I flew into Casablanca, trained to Marrakech, road-tripped to the desert, fixed a flat tire, horse & carriaged through the town, walked through three famous medinas, and finally jumped on a donkey to the wedding reception. When my adventure had come to an end, I flew back to NYC with 3 rugs, 1 wooden trunk, 3 full dining sets of pottery, and a little pair of rattan shoes. Yes, I will be returning.


The details in the design were completely inspiring; there was a beautiful balance between Mediterranean & African style. I was lucky enough to sleep in some unique hotels (like Villa Maroc in Essaouira) and see so many areas in just a few days. Shopping there was both stressful & rewarding; I haggled with the best of them & was shown rugs over courtyard banisters. The tiles were as vibrant as I imagined & the carpets so carefully stitched. See a few shots below of some stunning hotel details.